Class Placement Policy Resources

We understand that crafting an effective class placement policy is essential for fostering a positive learning environment where every student can thrive. That's why we've created three valuable resources to help you develop a class placement policy that aligns with your school's values and priorities.

Our free resources include:

  • PDF Example: A sample class placement policy with explanations for each section, providing a clear understanding of how to communicate your policy to parents.
  • Word Template: An editable Word document that you can repurpose and use as your own template, making it easier than ever to create a policy tailored to your school.
  • Free Glossary: A glossary of terms commonly used in class placement policies, designed to help you build your own policy with ease.

By using our resources, you'll be able to:

  • Clearly communicate your school's class placement rationale and process to parents
  • Ensure a balanced and inclusive learning environment for all students
  • Provide transparency on how parent requests are considered and handled

In addition, we would like to introduce Pluto's Class Placement Software – a powerful tool that can help your school streamline and optimize the class placement process. With Pluto, you can create balanced class lists effortlessly while still maintaining the human touch that is essential to successful student placements.


The resources

Ready to create a class placement policy that reflects your school's vision and supports the success of each student?
Click the links below to download our free resources and take the first step towards a more effective and inclusive class placement process.

Use our resources alongside Pluto's class placement software to simplify your class placement process. Try Pluto now