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Customize Pluto to
your school

Principals create and define the variables that will determine student placements in class lists at your school.

Watch our video to see how you can customize Pluto to your school’s needs.


Complete digital
student cards

Teachers enter information (academic, behavioral or social) on your customized student card.

This information, in combination with the priorities set by your management staff, is what Pluto will use to place students.


Pluto creates your

Pluto’s school-smart algorithm automatically generates balanced classes based on your school’s needs.

This minimizes the time taken, reduces complexity, and supports you in creating justified, balanced classes.

Review and refine

Pluto does not compromise the “human touch”, because ultimately when it comes to class lists, you know your students, your school and your goals best.

Once Pluto has generated your class lists, you can move students between classes as needed and Pluto’s conflict indicators will alert you of any issues with the new placement. You can rest easy knowing that all your students’ individual needs have been considered and you’ve created optimally balanced classes for the next year.

Principal holding checklist looks on

What student needs does Pluto consider?

Academic Needs

  • Ensure a good range of abilities in all classes
  • Group students by reading levels and numeracy stages
  • Assign special needs students to specific teachers
  • Handpick students for a smaller class
    (eg. extra support or extension)
  • Match student needs to teacher traits
    (eg. needs teacher with strength in math)

Behavioral Needs

  • Ensure a fair balance of behavior in all classes based on teachers' input
  • Separate students with negative peer relationships. Pluto retains this information year to year
  • Hand pick students to be with specific teachers
  • Specify beginning teachers and students suitable for them
  • Get equal class sizes

Social Needs

  • Place recommended friendships or learning buddies together.
  • Guarantee that students that must be together will be together
    (eg. twins or students with high needs)
  • Place English language learners together if needed
  • Get an even balance of ethnicities in every class
  • Balance gender equally across your classes

Feel confident in your class lists - and turn weeks of work into hours.

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