Customer Reviews

Teachers having an impromptu meeting

Pluto’s class placement software was built to make the process of building a class list easier.
To gauge how successful we’ve been, we asked our new customers for their honest feedback, and the responses we got were both validating and illuminating.

Pluto’s purpose is to make the complex task of building class lists easier and faster. And that’s where our product development starts.

“Every school has a unique set of consideration factors when sorting students into their new classes. Pluto’s customizable student cards are a critical knowledge base for these factors - a place where teachers can effectively describe each of their current students in a way that is relevant to sorting them into next year’s classes.” says Pluto Founder Drew Cheeseman.

To gain a thorough understanding of the class placement process Pluto’s UX team worked closely with teachers and administrators during the concept phase to determine what factors to include and how to make the process easier to see and manage placement conflicts. This gave us a robust process for sorting and managing class lists effectively.

Putting it to the test

In a recent blind survey, we polled 20 of our newest customers.

So how did we do? The results showed that:

  • 90% of users agreed that our onboarding process was easy.
  • 95% said that the software was easy or extremely easy to use.
  • 100% said they saved significant amounts of time using the Pluto Class Placement process

Our most loved feature?

The survey also invited open-ended responses about the Pluto Class Placement software. Most users shared how much they loved how it was so easy to manage student conflicts: