Your annual payment consists of your subscription fee and your choice of support package.


$1.25$0.75 PER STUDENT*

Create a custom student card based on your school's unique requirements.
You can choose which variables are important to your school and create new variables if desired.

e.g. Reading Groups, Math, Ethnicity, Student Interests
 Create your own variables
Pluto will place students based on the importance of each variable.
Adjust the importance Pluto places on each variable to create your ideal classes at each grade.

e.g. You may wish your younger classes to be focused on reading ability, and your older classes focused on behavior
 Adjust priority level for each variable
Expand or limit your staff members’ access and permissions within Pluto. Turn specific levels of access on and off as you choose. Tiered admin access for teachers, office staff and management
Personalize your classes by hand placing any students that must be in particular classes Handpick students
Easily visualize your students' relationships and class balance Visualize the balance of your classes
All information about each student is visible on the one page so any questions about a student's placement can be justified. No more doubts and losing track or forgetting reasons. Easily justify each placement
Easily move students between draft lists if you have second thoughts or last minute changes.
 Make manual changes - drag and drop
Customize your student card so individual requirements are considered eg: Suitable for MLE, Needs nurturing teacher
 Cater for specific student requirements
Students are placed in classes with (or not with) other students as required Accommodate student relationships
Retain and display relationships from previous years for consistency Save peer relationship history
Teachers may be given specific traits which would suit particular students.

e.g. Male role model, Graduate teacher
 Match students to teacher traits
Classrooms may be given specific features which would suit particular students.

e.g. Bring your own device, Modern Learning Environment
 Match students to classroom features (eg. MLE or BYOD)


Pluto offers a range of support packages so that you have control and flexibility in your support costs.

MINIMAL $150$90*

Perfect for confident, tech-savvy users, or repeat customers. You will receive email support with a response within 48 hours.

STANDARD $250$150*

Ideal if you’re fairly confident with new programs. You will receive email support with a response within 24 hours, and individual phone training during set-up.

FULL $500$300*

Recommended for those who prefer comprehensive support. You will receive priority email support with a response within 24 hours, unlimited phone support and step by step assistance.

* All prices are in USD and exclude applicable taxes.

* Price is calculated based on the number of students uploaded into Pluto each year. Please refer to our terms of trade for more detail.

* Due to timezone restrictions, phone support is by appointment.

At Pluto, we understand that taking on new technology for something as important as class lists can be seen as risky. We are right behind you. If you try it and in your first year, you find it just wasn't for you... we'll give you your money back. Guaranteed.


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