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Jan McDonald

Sunnyvale Primary School

“Pluto has saved hours of work! I would recommend this no matter the size of your school. It is flexible and so easy to flick from reading groups to maths to writing etc a resource worth every cent in my view.”

Jan McDonald
Former Deputy Principal, Sunnyvale School

Verity Harlick

“Pluto is an easy to use system. So much easier than our old method. No more paper placements of children and 263 post it notes on my office wall! Our whole management team has said how easy the system is and how smooth this year’s class placements have been.”

Verity Harlick
Principal, Maori Hill School

Jo Wright

Whenuapai School

“Pluto is incredibly easy to use and makes the complicated, demanding and very important task of class placement, at the end of the busy term 4, so much easier.”

Jo Wright
Principal’s Personal Assistant, Whenuapai School

Anna-Marie McAleer

“USE it!! I have been doing this process for years and Pluto has been a game changer. We are a big school. We have a lot of info to cross check and ‘get right’ – Pluto has taken the stress away.”

Anna-Marie McAleer
Assistant Principal, Murrays Bay Intermediate